I Can do it!


Ok…..Iv bought this really cool @Brita product ”Fill&Go” as a prop to make my self drink more water this has all spered from seeing on the internet how much healthier people are feeling after dropping the fizzy drinks.

I have never been a slim person but I can never remember being really unhappy about my weight. Untill recently I wouldn’t weigh myself I didn’t want to know because I already new I was too heavy so why put a number to it, I now know my care free body image positive attitude was Me just avoiding the truth. My partner bought some bathroom scales for his own use after protesting I would never stand on it ever ever! The curiosity got the better of me one evening after my bath,the magic number jumped out at me and punched me in my jelly belly and made me feel sick. I spent the rest of the evening googling easy ways to be healthier and drinking more water was one one them that stuck out to me I drink a lot of fizz and often feel sluggish and tired and apparently that’s due to the constant sugar highs and lows and of course the extra gas making me bloated.

I’ll also be switching snacks like crisps and chocolate to fruits and veggies and putting less on my plate at meals times.

I’ll update you in a couple weeks to let you know how I feel 🙂