Comparing is Impairing!


1. appreciate what you have.

If you have a few pennies down the side of your sofa your already wealthier than most. instead of focusing on what you don’t have focus on what you DO have. practice being appreciative for what you have and it will prevent you from feeling jealous maybe write a list each day or even mentally take a minute to think of 5 things your grateful for and what positive effect they have on your life.

2. Accept what you cant change and change what you can.

Lets face it you cant control or change everything sometimes things happen that effect us negatively you cant control it so stop trying its only filling you with stress and anxiety and making little grey sprout from your head instead make a plan of what you can change and how you will change it. you might be able to loose weight and get a better job but you will never stop those 2 freckles from joining up on your nose in the summer. The impossible is impossible!

3. Behave better

Its the weekend are you Laying around on the sofa wearing your “House” clothes and need to wash your hair?  you have had invites out to social events, your friends want to take salsa lessons or spin classes at the local gym but you cant really be bothered, your friends  always come to you and can identify every pair of pajamas you own. WAKE UP! you’re in a rut. wash your hair! Get out there learn new skills, meet new people and you will feel better about your self.

4. You are your only competition. 

There will always be someone more attractive with more money with a better job, envy isn’t a cure for how you feel stop looking at them and look at your self you can make your self more attractive maybe try out a new hairstyle or change your wardrobe and you can have more money and have a better job, make the necessary steps to achieve your dream job, clear out the house with the junk you don’t need and take it too a boot fair get creative make some jewelry or knit some jumpers there’s plenty of online platforms to generate a little cash from your hobby.