Sleeping Starkers…According to Science.

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Admit it there’s something quite liberating about sleeping totally Starkers and according to Science it good for us too;

Body bonding.

Doctors say when you sleep next to your partner in the buff  your body releases a feel good hormone called Oxytocin, this happens through the skin to skin contact. Oxytocin alleviates stress and depression and lowers blood pressure. Plus, your sex life might just improve…

better quality sleep.

Some types of insomnia a due to having the wrong body temperature, ever wonder why you kick off the bed covers when you cant sleep. its reported that not only does it affect your sleeping pattern but it also stops you from drifting into a deep sleep and getting beneficial amounts of rest.

sleeping naked helps to regulate body temperature there’s nothing worse than waking up in a sweaty mess and not being able to get comfortable again.

Cured from being lazy. 

Waking naked means you will be more inclined to get dressed for the day rather than dossing around in your Pajamas. You might actually find you spend the day more productively than you would spent in your Onesie.