Look at it and love it

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We all wake up some days and find ourselves feeling like we cant look in the mirror, for some this is a feeling that doesn’t go away. I have looked at myself in the mirror and seen many different versions of my self , some days fixated on how my stretch marks turn purple as soon as I step out of a hot bath or how my mono brow grows back so fast and other days grinning at my self to see my dimples appear and spending twenty minutes inspecting the hazel flecks in my green eyes but getting to a neutral place where you don’t feel the need to look for either the good or bad is hard work, and I too do still struggle with this but here are some of the things that have help make it easier when iv been feeling down about my self:

End it on a positive :

When ever I find my self consumed with negative opinions of my self I take each bad point that pops into my head and couple it with something that I like about my self for example i would say to my self; pimple on my chin but I have great hair or I really hate my bingo wings but this top looks really good on me. End your thought process with a positive and thats more than likely what you will remember, Its not easy but you can do it.

Look at it differently.

Dont approach the mirror with the intent to find negatives, look at it with the intent to boost your confidence, stick positive notes on the mirror read them one at a time a give your self a cheeky smile another thing iv found really good to do and its so simple, when im feeling particularly self conscious when i walk past my reflection I blow my self a little kiss with playfulness and non serious attitude boosts your mood for the day and improves self love because whether you blow your self a kiss or someone else shows you love it generates self love and a over all better out look on life.

Pamper yourself.

if I feel like iv been treating my self poorly and im not feeling good in my skin I take a night usually when my other half is out and I have the house to my self I pour a glass of wine, run my self a bath apply my favorite face mask lay out my favorite PJ’s and my nicest smelling moisturizer. I soak in the tub with some feel good music on. Relaxing in my PJ’s i chuck a chick flick on and give my self a manicure and pedicure the next morning I instantly feel better about my self